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Last modified: January 09, 2017 00:58:08.

The Masters of Education in Special Education (MSPED) prepares leaders in the field of Special Education for Qatar in two specialized areas:

  1. Teaching Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities and
  2. Teaching Students with Severe and Profound Disabilities.

The MSPED program is a full-time program of graduate study that uses a final internship, rather than a thesis-based, approach. Instruction is in English. The program has a strong field experience component as a total of 436 hours are required over four courses and the final internship. As is appropriate for the field of special education, students come from a variety of backgrounds—e.g., special education, general education, psychology, audiology, physical therapy, nutrition, public health, and administration—and the program and its faculty are flexible enough to accommodate their professional interests and career goals.

Graduates from the program are prepared to serve as leaders in a variety of settings in Qatar and beyond, including independent schools, special schools, hospital schools, government and private educational agencies, and international organizations.

The MSPED Program is benchmarked to Qatar National Professional Standards for teachers and school leaders and guided by the standards of The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), the largest international professional association in special education.