STEM Adventure Camp
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Last modified: January 08, 2017 14:35:41.

The STEM Adventure Camp is a collaborative project between the College of Education, Qatar University, and Exxon-Mobil. The week0long event engages preparatory students in learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a fun, action-packed week hosted at Qatar University.
The purpose of the camp is to encourage students in Qatar to consider careers in STEM and STEM education by outreach to the pre-college student population.

Goals include:

  1. Increase knowledge about STEM and STEM Education career opportunities among pre-college students.
  2. Improve attitudes toward STEM and STEM Education careers among pre-college students.
  3. Increase intent to pursue careers in STEM and STEM Education.

The project brings together practicing professionals in the STEM fields, STEM educators, and preparatory students so that students can learn about and personally engage in STEM activities. They thus may learn about careers they were originally interested in, consider others, have questions answered, and see how exciting and engaging such careers may be.
Activities are designed by the specialists in each area and include such projects as robot building, animations and/or movie creation, environmental data collection and analysis, biology and chemistry experiments, and materials science challenges.
STEM education is critical to Qatar’s economic future. Students are currently not entering STEM careers at a level that will lead to the economic self-sufficiency envisioned for Qatar’s future. Research tells us that students typically make career choices during the years of preparatory education. For these reasons, Qatar University seeks to conduct and outreach to this population to enable them to have a broad and informed range of career choices and the information they need to make wise educational choices that lead to career preparation. The camp provides the opportunity for students to investigate, through academic research, the complex process of career choice among adolescents, knowledge that can be used by industry to attract the best of Qatar’s youth to support Qatar’s ongoing economic growth.