Welcome Message from Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
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Last modified: February 27, 2017 11:52:36.


Welcome to the website of the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the College of Engineering.

The Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs takes overall responsibility for the quality assurance of the academic programs at the College of Engineering while promoting 21st century teaching and learning. The office partakes in a rigorous quality assurance process of all academic programs according to international standards while managing all undergraduate curriculum issues, college faculty affairs, establishing college committee structures, generating college annual reports and representing the college in various university academic activities.

The students at the College of Engineering can take advantage of a multitude of industrial and research experiences. Our collaboration with the industry in the region allows our students to benefit from industrial training, field based trips and other opportunities to learn and reflect in real-world contexts. Furthermore, Qatar’s Undergraduate Research Experience Program matches undergraduate students with faculty research, enabling undergraduate students to actively contribute to an international knowledge base. The university also provides students interested in conducting their own research with internal grants.

The Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is also keen on supporting students academically. The newly established learning support unit, supervised by the office, will work on providing well-targeted tutoring services catered towards the needs of engineering students. The teaching and learning process is further supported through the formation of faculty membered focus groups piloting and promoting 21st century teaching practices including flipped classrooms, PBL, and inquiry based practices.

Most of our undergraduate programs have been running at Qatar University since inception in 1980. The College of Engineering currently offers 8 undergraduate programs in Architecture (female students), Chemical Engineering (male and female students), Civil Engineering (male students), Computer Science (male and female students), Computer Engineering ((male and female students), Electrical Engineering (male and female students), Industrial and Systems Engineering (female students) and Mechanical Engineering (male students). These programs are currently administered by 6 departments in the College.

The office is adamant about realizing the college mission and preparing globally competent and socially responsible graduates by providing high quality education. We are very proud of the accreditation of our programs by highly recognized international accreditation agencies (see programs’ website for more details). The success of the college is only possible due to the commitment and passion of our faculty members, academic staff, technicians, coordinators and administrators towards the continuous quality improvement of our curriculums and college academic affairs.

We trust that you will find the information on our website very useful, and we invite you to visit it frequently for updates. 

Prof. Abdelmagid Hamouda
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs