The Industrial Relations Office (IRO)
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Last modified: June 03, 2014 13:14:02.

The Industrial Relations Office (IRO) will strive to be recognized as the premier agency in the College of Engineering that builds strong and sustaining relations with industry using effective advertising, marketing and engagement with the community. The office aims to enhance  the communications & relationships between the industries and the college of Engineering; students, staff & faculty members.

IRO encourages the students of the college of engineering to apply for the Industrial training program (summer internship) and provides them with the most suitable companies that matches  their perspectives to choose and be trained during the summer. IRO encourages the companies as well to sponsor students, and also assist the students to acknowledge the benefits of the sponsorship program.

In addition, the IRO coordinates field trips for students and faculties to the industrial companies, exhibitions, school visits, and any other events related to the college outreach mission.