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Last modified: March 05, 2018 13:18:15.


At the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University, as an educational unit offering a professional degree in architecture, the question of the relationship between the design education provided and the skills required for successful practice, is of paramount importance. Consequently, we believe that the design studio and the overall philosophy of the curriculum has to attain a congruency between design education in architecture and the multiple roles architects could play in society (with particular focus on the Middle Eastern context), where the justification of the existence of the profession of architecture is in providing better environments for contemporary societies.

Despite the considerable differences in the process of educating future architects around the world, there is one remarkable similarity—the overriding similarity given to the design studio as the main forum for creative exploration, interaction, knowledge acquisition, assimilation, and application. The design studio is the kiln where future architects are molded. It is the primary space where budding professionals explore their creative skills which are so prized by the profession. Thus, at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University, we believe that the attitudes imbibed in the studio are those that young graduates take to the profession. Therefore, developing positive attitudes about architecture, community, society, and the environment is of great interest in our teaching practices.

The DAUP Design Studio Guidance Document of the B.Arch. program can be downloaded here.

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