Bachelor of Architecture: Program Description
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Last modified: October 05, 2015 09:13:47.

Undergraduate Program
Bachelor of Architecture, B.Arch.
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The five year undergraduate program in Architecture aims to foster critical thinking and develop the capability to significantly improve the built environment through active participation of its graduates in the profession of architecture in Qatar and the region.  The program considers the following aspects as important measures of success:

  • Striking a balance between different types of knowledge an architect needs. The objective of the program in this context is to graduate architects who can play multiple roles within Qatari society and can compete with their counterparts, while positioning themselves distinctively in a competitive global market.
  • Striving to graduate architects who are able to, effectively and efficiently, deal with the realities of the Qatari local context exemplified by its culture and society and the regional context of the building industry.

  • Striving to graduate architects who are well versed in developing design ideas, and in materializing those ideas into practical design and building solutions while utilizing up to date information technology in design.

Considering the multifaceted nature of Architecture, the program is 160 credit hours and is undertaken over a period of five years (10 semesters) in addition to two compulsory summer sessions of practical training.

 NAAB Substantial Equivalency

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning is going through Substantial Equivalency Procedures for the Bachelor of Architecture Program from NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board, inc.,)  in the United States.

“The term “substantial equivalency” identifies a program as comparable in educational outcomes in all significant aspects, and indicates that it provides an educational experience meeting acceptable standards, even though such program may differ in format or method of delivery. The designation is valid for six years beginning 1 January of the year in which the final visit (Visit 3) took place. In order to maintain the designation, the program must be visited again in the sixth year of the designation.”

For more information on 2012 NAAB Conditions for Substantial Equivalency, click here