Teaching Facilities
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Last modified: June 05, 2014 08:19:40.

Learning is more effective and efficient when it’s supported by the right technology.  At the College of Engineering, you’ll have the benefit of exceptional teaching and classroom facilities designed with extensive multi-media capabilities.

Campus facilities include:

Classroom Technology

The classroom technology consists of an integrated technology podium which consists of a high brightness LCD Projector, an automatic screen, inputs to the system for laptop and auxiliary connection (such as DVD or other video source), and a document camera for the instructor to show text or graphics right from the books. Selected classrooms also have DVD/VHS players installed (this includes the entire Female Engineering college class rooms). The whole system turns on and off from a touch panel using the special Password allocated for the system.

Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing allows users not only to see and hear, but also be seen and heard by, participants at off campus locations live via a video screen and audio monitor. This technology allows participation in forums, lectures, meetings and discussions which were formerly impossible due to time constraints, conflicting work schedules or budget limitations. It eliminates lodging and transportation costs, as well as unproductive travel hours, and allows greater flexibility in arranging meeting times. Using high-quality, compressed video and audio technology, video conferencing allows easy and effective long distance communication.

Video conference technology is installed in:

  • H214 in the Male Engineering campus.

  • Room 149 in the Female Engineering campus.

  • Auditorium Room 178 in the Female Engineering campus.

  • Auditorium Room 175 in the Female Engineering campus

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Central to these tools is the Blackboard Learning System. It is a course management system that enables instructors to provide their students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chats, online assessments, and a dedicated academic resource center on the Web; these resources include eBooks, relevant journal articles, lecture handouts, class notes and related electronic documents. The enterprise version of Blackboard automatically creates courses and populates them with faculty and student enrollment data.

Lecture Capture Technology

The lecture capture is a new technology being tested in classrooms. Selected rooms across the campus have been equipped with cameras, wireless microphones and the lecture capture appliance. This Lecture capture system allows the instructor to record his/her class, which can later be downloaded from the given website.

Lecture capture is available in room 243 of Female Engineering building. To schedule a lecture capture, please contact  Helpdesk.

For more information about set-up and support, please contact ITS Helpdesk or visit ITS website.