Campus resources
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Last modified: June 20, 2013 11:23:21.

Campus Resources [ A to Z ] that you will use while you are working at Qatar University are listed in the table below.




Continuing  Education


The Continuing Education Office is a link between the University and society. The Office offers a variety of programs and training course that ultimately aim to fulfill the needs of  Qatar community and its constituents. The programs include the following:  1) General programs and Training Courses, 2) Special Programs and Courses (Tailor-made), and  3) Certification Programs.


External  Relations


The External Relations Department was established to ensure that Qatar University’s communications, events and relations with varied constituents both support and promote its position as a model national university. The office provides services in five main areas: communications, events, alumni relations, partner relations, and media.




Discover more about the university layout when browsing some photos in the campus gallery    


Grants  and  Research


Through this portal you will learn about ongoing research programs, policies and procedures, funding opportunities unique to Qatar University and other research-related information.   The Office of Research looks forward to assisting you with your research endeavors to develop projects that serve in your own progress as well as that of the University and the state of Qatar.




Qatar University is committed to providing suitable housing for its eligible staff and faculty in order to facilitate a comfortable stay for them and their families during their employment with the university.


Human Resources


Human Resource is dedicated to support learning, academic excellence and the overall mission of the University.  And through formal and clear objectives, policies, procedures and communication channels, HR strives to provide the highest quality support services and best practices to make Qatar University the institution of choice for learning and working. 


IT  Services


ITS is Qatar University's information technology organization, providing infrastructure, applications, and services that support academic and business activities.  ITS delivers world class IT services to enable Qatar University to be a model national university that offers a high quality, learning-centered education.




Map  of  campus


Discover more about the campus. Take a look at an interactive map to orient yourself to the campus.


Medical  Clinics


The clinic at Qatar University provides free medical support and services to students, faculty, and staff of the University. Experienced doctors, pharmacists, and a team of dedicated nurses are constantly on hand, working to secure the safety and well-being of the University's attendants, as well as contribute health education programs for raising awareness.


myBanner  Service


myBanner student information system was launched on February 2008 as part of the constant efforts of Qatar University to provide a high quality educational environment for its students, faculty, and staff. It can be accessed directly using the URL ( or through the university portal myQU.


OFID:  Office of Faculty and Instructional Development


OFID strives to support Qatar University's academic staff with ongoing professional development programs and resources that meets faculty needs for high quality education. OFID aims to facilitate and support faculty research endeavors and the implementation of best teaching practices in a collaborative working environment through workshops and seminars on curriculum enhancement and innovations.


Qatar  University  Campus


Qatar University is situated on the northern edge of Doha, approximately 16 kilometers from the city center.   Qatar University's main campus is built on a total area of about 8 square kilometers, with architecture that is distinguished and modern, while reflecting the ideals of traditional Islamic design.


Qatar  University  Leadership


The 'University' site offers a glimpse of the set of distinguished leaders guiding the organization into the future.


SLCS:   Student  Learning Support Center


The Student Learning Support Center (SLSC) provides academic support services to all students at Qatar University . The SLSC is a supportive environment where students can seek assistance with course assignments, instructors, transitioning to college academic life, or other academic issues. SLSC programs include: Peer Tutoring, the Writing Lab, Writing Workshops, and the Academic Success Workshop Series.




Textbooks section at Student Services Department assumes selling books to students. The university provides a subsidy equals 50% of total price for books over QR 50. The section announces book selling table prior to every semester. The "Book Fair" is held close to girls' library.


University  Publications


Quick links to the Arabic and English publications produced on campus.