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Last modified: April 29, 2014 14:30:28.
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Foundation Program English Department awarded 5-yr accreditation

The Foundation Program Department of English has been awarded 5-year accreditation by the Commission on English Language Teaching Accreditation (CEA), the official US government body for accrediting intensive English language programs.


The accreditation period for the newly-restructured one-year, two-level program is December 2013 to December 2018.  A further ten years will be granted if the program continues to meet the 44 exacting standards of the Commission.


It is the second time the department has achieved this honor. It was granted CEA accreditation in 2009 to its previous two-year program which later underwent a restructuring process, firstly to a one-year, four-level program and later to the current one-year two-level program.   


In Summer 2012, per CEA requirement for accreditation  of the new program, the Department conducted an exhaustive self-study into all aspects of its operation, including its mission, curriculum, assessment, testing, administration, appraisal systems, professional development offerings and faculty, and submitted a substantive report to the accrediting body.  A follow-up site visit in late October 2013 by the CEA team included interviews, lesson observations, focus groups with faculty and students and an exhaustive document review, resulting in final approval from the commission.


Commenting on the new accreditation, Foundation Program Acting Director Dr Mohamed Al Naemi said:  “This prestigious accreditation of the English program is of immense benefit to students and faculty alike – it adds value to the teaching and learning environment of the Foundation Program and keeps abreast of the wider institutional mission and vision to contribute to the goals outlined in Qatar National Vision and the development strategies. Further, it is an affirmation of the professional reputation of Qatar University as a whole.”


Department head Patrick Murphy said: “This is an endorsement of the continuing commitment by the faculty and staff of the department to deliver a high-quality, internationally-recognized intensive English program to equip undergraduate national and international students with the English skills they need to pursue English-medium degrees in science and engineering”.