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Last modified: October 09, 2016 09:20:12.

1. Does admission at Qatar University require passing the Foundation Program?
    No, passing the foundation Program is not a mandatory requirement for admission at QU.

2. What is the maximum period a student can spend studying in the Foundation Program?
    Is there any possibility to pass the program without joining?
The Foundation Program is a one-year experience and can be extended to maximum two years.
    A student can be exempted from FP by passing certain tests.

3. How can a student get exempted from FP?
    Exemption from FP requires getting the required exemption scores in IELTS/TOEFL
    and SAT /ACT, or passing the ACCUPLACER provided by QU.

4. Are there programs outside of QU that are equivalent to the Foundation Program?

    Students who passed specific math components in the Academic Bridge Program may  be exempted from foundation math courses.

5. Are FP requirements different for each college?
    No, FP requirements are the same for all QU colleges.

6. Is FP required for all QU Colleges?
    No, FP is required only by Engineering, Sciences, Sport Science, 
    Education (Secondary Education),  Medicine and Pharmacy. 

7. If a student completed certain FP courses, can he/she register in
    undergraduate (UG) courses?  If yes, what is the maximum number of UG hours allowed?

    A student can register in undergraduate courses depending on the number of foundation courses
    completed. Maximum number of hours allowed is 9.