FPDE Tutoring Scheme
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Last modified: November 10, 2016 13:49:38.

FPDE Student Tutoring Scheme 
The Foundation Program Department of English (FPDE) Tutoring Scheme is a student support initiative that provides the following services as per the initiative’s mandate:
  • Academically support Embedded and Post-Foundation students and help them improve their language skills as well as course grades at support stations
  • Identify at-risk students based on their placement scores or diagnostic test results at the beginning of the semester and refer them to the system
  • Provide workshops to improve skill acquisition in the English language
For more information, email: tutoringscheme@qu.edu.qa

Pakize Uludaq



DO5* - 309

+974 44035404

Rabab Ismail



DO5 - 117

+974 44035325

*D05 :  Women’s Foundation Building

FPDE Tutoring Scheme Brochure