Special Needs Student Initiative
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Last modified: April 21, 2016 11:05:40.

The Special Needs Student Initiative provides the following services as per the initiative’s mandate:

  • Facilitate communication with the ISNSC
  • Provide communicative and consultative assistance to FP teachers and administrators involved in supporting students with special needs.
  • Facilitate the administration of assessments for special needs students.
  • Provide faculty, facilitators, and coordinators assistance and guidance via day-to-day communication and workshops.
  • Organize workshops for faculty and Special Needs students

For more information, contact:

Enita Barrett
Liason: Departmet of English
I03** - 815
+974 44035407

Heba Ahmed

Department of Math



+974 44035528

*D05: Women’s Foundation Building

**I03 : New Faculty  Building