Success Zone
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Last modified: March 20, 2017 13:49:59.

The Success Zone is a student support initiative that provides the following services as per the initiative’s mandate:

  • Offer academic Support for Foundation Level students with an aim of helping them achieve success and pass to their major of choice
  • Liaise with Student Progress (SPP) committee & Foundation teachers to identify students at risk within three categories: students at-risk of academic suspension, students with low Accuplacer scores and repeating students. 
  • Notify at risk students of their academic status and refer  them to utilize Success Zone services by email, SMS and class visits
  • Schedule & conduct  Language Learning Counselling sessions with individual or small group of students,  that would promote autonomy and second language acquisition and support their classroom efforts.
  • Arrange Peer Tutoring sessions at the Women’s Foundation Building
  • Liaise with SLSC, Writing Lab and other university entities in terms of supporting at-risk students
  • Offer exam preparation sessions
  • Provide study skills and language learning strategies’ workshops
  • Evaluate the efficiency of academic support services through student participation, surveys and focus groups, etc…

For information about Language learning sessions, peer tutoring sessions and schedule of workshops, email

The following faculty in the Foundation Program are tasked to carry out the aforementioned mandate:

Zadjia Zahi


D05 -115

+974 44035491

Maha Almasri


D05* -115

+974 44035414

Raed Jaber


D05 -238

+974 44035 441

Mustapha Cheback



+974 4403 5488

Nawar Hago


D05 206

+974 44035432

Yasmin Motasim




Magdi Kandil



+974 44035424

 *D05: Women’s Foundation Building

I03: New Faculty Building

 Success Zone brochure and peer tutoring schedule