ACT International
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Last modified: January 17, 2018 16:38:06.

American College Test (ACT) consists of many subject areas. The math part of the ACT is one of the exams used at QU to determine an applicant’s partial or complete exemption from the Foundation math requirements.  The partial and complete exemption criteria are based on the students’ Foundation specialty and on the score* he/she obtained on the exam.

Sample Link:

Test Fees:

  • ACT No Writing $103.50 (US Dollars)
  • ACT Writing $120 (US Dollars)
  • ACT Standby $53 (US Dollars) Testing additional fees and the ACT test fees

* For more information click here.

Payment & Registration: Payment & Registration is online using a credit card.


Registration Link:

                           How to Register  for the Test:

Scores Validity: 5 years

*Note:  A test score is no longer valid if it is older than 5 years from the start of the semester of the intended admission term.


Scores Info: The ACT International Test score is available in a candidate’s ACT account after 5-8 weeks. QU Applicants/Students must submit the original ACT scores to QUTC. They may submit ACT Scores sent to them or they may request to send the ACT results directly to Qatar University, through their ACT account. The ACT International test score recipient code for QU is 5305.

ACT Math scores required for QU are:



Greater than or equal to 24

Full Exemption

Greater than 20, and less than 24

Pre-Calculus course

Less than 21

Elementary Algebra course

For preparation courses, please check the Continuing Education Office website. Please click on the following link for more information on training courses;