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Last modified: October 22, 2017 11:37:25.

The ACCUPLACER ESL test is developed by College Board, in the USA and it is a computer-adaptive test designed to place English learners into appropriate language courses. It has four components:

  1. ESL Language Use
  2. ESL Listening
  3. ESL Sentence Meaning
  4. ESL Reading Skills

Candidates will be able to see their test scores and placement information immediately after the test. Test scores will be uploaded to BANNER after being verified.

ACCUPLACER Test Information  Click.
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Sample Link:

Test Fees: 130 QAR  (new Test Fees is effective from 1st August 2016)

Payment & Registration: QUTC Registration Office. Payment  can be made using POS machines at the Center or in cash payment to QU Cashier.

Female Registration



Male Registration


A06 (Men's Foundation)


A06 (Men's Foundation)

Room Number - 109



Room Number - 118


Phone + (974) 4403-5222


Phone + (974) 4403-5522

Score Info: The test score for each component ranges from 20-120 points. Students are placed into Foundation English courses according to the following criteria:

  • An aggregate score is used for placement into the English Integrated Core Workshops. The aggregate score is based on the total points for the Language Use, Listening, Reading Skills, and Sentence Meaning components of the ACCUPLACER ESL.
  • The Reading Skills score is used for placement into the English Reading Workshops.
  • The total points for the Language Use and Sentence Meaning components of the ACCUPLACER ESL are used to place students into the English Writing Workshops.
See below for the ACCUPLACER ESL score range used for placement into each course and level.

English Integrated Core

English Reading Workshop

English Writing Workshop

Score Used





0 - 268

0 - 62

0 - 146


269 - 399

63 - 99

147 - 224