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Last modified: June 22, 2017 10:58:46.
  • For preparation courses, please check the Continuing Education Office website. Please click on the following link for more information on training courses: 

·         Free IELTS Online CourseClick Here

·         Continuing Education IELTS Training Courses: Click Here

  • ACCUPLACER ESL & Math tests registration for Fall 2017 Admissions Cycle will start from 02 April 2017.

  • Registration for test location:

                     Men's Registration:
                     H-12 (College of Medicine Building)
                     Room Number - 150 
                     Phone: +(974) 4403-5314/5324

                     Women's Registration:
                     H-12 (College of Medicine Building)
                     Room Number - 154 
                     Phone: +(974) 4403-5310/5412


  • Note: at the end of each month, registration will close at 12:00 PM.


  • If you have submitted your IELTS certificate to QUTC and want to take it back, it will take up to one working day.