Testing Center Staff
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Last modified: October 29, 2015 12:39:12.
Dr. Walid Massoud Head of Testing Center
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 207
Dr. Walid Massoud is an experienced senior psychometrician who worked for 20 years in the field of psychometrics, national assessments, item banking, and large-scale studies. He taught measurement and evaluation in master and PhD programs for more than four years. He worked as a consultant for many regional and international organizations, e.g., USAID, UNISCO and World Bank. He joined Qatar University in August 2015 and he is the head of the Qatar University Testing Center.
Bino Sarah Paul Test Administrator
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 225
Mrs. Bino Sarah Paul joined Qatar University in 2001 as an English Lecturer in the Foundation Program. In 2005 she was assigned to co-ordinate and supervise all the international examinations conducted by the Foundation Program. Since 2005, she has been an integral part of international exams' administration at Qatar University. Currently, she works as a Test Administrator for Qatar University Testing Center.
Muna M A Al-Raesi Admin Co-ordinator
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 205
History / Humanities
I started working at Qatar University from 2001 - 2010: Administrative Coordinator (Secretary of the English Department).
Azah Ahmed Student Services Coordinator (Male Registration)
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 118
Azah gained her BSc in Business Management from Middlesex University (UK). She came to Qatar to begin her career as a Student Services Coordinator at Qatar University-Foundation Program. Her role mainly involves registration for both local and international exams.
Mona Jenahi Administrative Coordinator-Female Registration
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 109
Mona Jenahi graduated with a BSc in Information and Library Science from Qatar University. She began her career at Qatar University in 2012 as an Administrative coordinator at The Foundation Program. She mainly handled the IELTS registration and the IELTS certificates. She has now joined the QUTC team and now handles the registration for both national and international exams.
Wafa Aljaal Document Controller
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 109
Wafa Ahmed Aljaal, gained her BSc in Computer Science from Qatar University.She joined QU / foundation program unit (2009) as a Student Services Coordinator and an academic advising assistant. Currently, she works as a Document Controller for Qatar University Testing Center.
Berta Huszar Test Administrator
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 225
Ms. Berta Huszar is a Test Administrator for the Testing Center. She has been a departmental test writer and chief test reviewer for many years in the Foundation Program English Department. During her career, she has been involved in many positions, including being the level 4 supervisor for all skills, facilitator for the Writing Courses, Staff Recruitment and co-chaired formal Lesson Observations.
Steven Perakis Statistician
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 223
Mr. Steven Perakis is a statistician for the Testing Center at Qatar University. He brings to Qatar University experiences in the application of quantitative and qualitative analytics useful for decision-making. During his career, he has worked as an evaluator, psychometrician, and statistician for institutions of higher education, a leading research institute, and a school district.
Arun Kumar Sharma Data Entry Specialist
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 223
Arun Kumar Sharma, joined Qatar University in 2008 and has been assisting in international test administrations, international tests scores insertion, results generation and other test related activities. He has a background in testing and was working with ETS-Prometric before joining Qatar University.
Maryam Al-Mohanadi Document Controller
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 109
Maryam Ahmed Al-Mohanadi gained her Bachelor's degree in Sharia and Islamic Studies – Major in Dawa and Minor in Mass Communication at Qatar University 2016. She joined Qatar University Testing Center in 2017 as a Document Controller.
Tayyebah Jenahi Student Services Coordinator-Female Registration
A06 Men's Foundation Building (Testing Center) Room 109
Tayyebah Jenahi gained her BSc in Information Science- Library from Qatar University. She has been an employee at Qatar University since 2010. She first began her career as an Academic Advisor for the Foundation Program whilst handling the registration for exams. In 2013 she became a Student Services Coordinator for the Foundation Program. Her job role consists of handling registration and inserting test scores.