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Last modified: October 02, 2011 22:46:36.
- TOEFL iBT is one of the entry/exit tests used by Qatar University, in order to measure the English proficiency of students.

- 61 in TOEFL iBT is the minimum score required for getting exemption from the Foundation English Program.

-  TOEFL iBT measures skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing, and requires you to combine 2 or more of these skills to respond to a question.

- The test is given in English, has 4 sections on reading, listening, speaking and writing and takes about 4½ hours.

Section         Time Limit            No. of Questions

Reading      60-100 minutes       36-70

Listening     60-90 minutes          34-51

Break 10 minutes —

Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks

Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks

The TOEFL iBT score recipient code for QU is 8943


* The required TOEFL iBT score for Master's in the Engineering College is  68 in iBT