List of Accepted Projects

Last modified: December 10 2016 14:17:10.

No.Project PI NameProject Title
GCC-2017-001Qatar University:
Dr. Ahmed Elzatahry (PI, Lead)
Dr. Gheyath Nasrallah (Co-PI)

Prince Nora University:
Dr. Areej Abdul Kareem Al-Khalaf (PI)
Multifunctional Mesoporous Nanospheres for Bioapplications
GCC-2017-002Qatar University
Dr. Ala-Eddin Al Moustafa (PI, Lead)

Kuwait University
Prof. Moussa AlKhalaf (PI)
Co-presence and role of high risk HPVs and EBV in human oral cancer in the population of Gulf Countries
GCC-2017-003Sultan Qaboos University
Dr. Raeid Abed (PI, Lead)

Kuwait University
Dr. Fahad Al-Senafi (PI)
Dr. Huda Mahmoud (Co-PI)

University of Nizwa:
Prof. Ahmed Al-Harrasi (PI)

Biotechnological applications of marine biofilms developing on solid surfaces in the Arabian Gulf
GCC-2017-004Qatar University:
Dr. Hany Elsayed Marei Mady (PI, Lead)
Dr. Asma Ali Althani (Co-PI)

University of Nizwa:
Dr. Sulaiman Al-Hashmi (PI)
Dr. Ahmed Al-Harrasi (Co-PI)
Dr. Issa Al-Amri (Co-PI)

Use of patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to study stroke in Qatar and GCC countries
GCC-2017-005Qatar University:
Dr. MD Anwarul Hasan (PI, Lead)
Dr. Hany ElSayed Marei (Co-PI)

American University of Sharjah:
Dr. Ghaleb Hosseini (PI)
Dr. Mohammad Qasaimeh (Co-PI)

Sultan Qaboos University:
Dr. Khurshid Alam (PI)
Dr. Md. Abdullah Al-Mamun (Co-PI)

A Novel GelMA Hydrogel based Microfluidic Blood-Brain Barrier Prototype for in vitro Studies of Cancer Metastasis
GCC-2017-006Sultan Qaboos University:
Prof. Hamza Babiker (PI, Lead)
Prof. Eugene Johnson(Co-PI)

Prof. Arnab Pain (PI)

Sexual stage specific protein genes of Theileria lestoquardi: putative target for transmission blocking intervention and markers for transmission dynamics
Dr. Xiaohang Li (PI, Lead)

Qatar University:
Dr. Talal Al Tahtamouni  (PI)
Dr. Maitha Dhaher Al-Muraikhi (Co-PI)

Fundamental Studies of BALN and BGAN Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
GCC-2017-008Qatar University:
Dr. Wael Alnahhal (PI, Lead)
Dr. Nasser Alnuaimi (Co-PI)

American University of Sharjah:
Farid Abed (PI)

Performance of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer “BFRP” Reinforcing Bars under the GCC Harsh Environment
GCC-2017-009King Saud University:
Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hassan (PI, Lead)

Qatar University:
Dr. Amr Mohamed (PI)
Dr. Abdulla Khalid Al-Ali (Co-PI)

Environmentally-Friendly Smart Home for Elderly and Physically Impaired People
GCC-2017-010King Saud University:
Dr. Elkhrepy Samy Ahmed (PI, Lead)

Qatar University:
Dr. Hamad Al Kuwari (PI)

Seismic Structure and Thermomechanical Perspectives for Selected Active Volcanic and Geothermal areas
GCC-2017-011King Saud University:
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Naglah (PI, Lead)

Qatar University:
Dr. Hazem F. Elewa (PI)
Prof. Moamen Salah Refat (Co-PI)

Designing of a new diabetic drug using insulin alternatives
GCC-2017-012King Saud University:
Dr. Wael Nabil Morsy Hozzein (PI, Lead)

Qatar University:
Dr. Aboubakr M. Abdullah (PI)
Dr. Noura Al-Thani (Co-PI)

Risk of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in GCC pipelines and possible mitigation using superhydrophobic materials