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Honors Benefits
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Last modified: September 02, 2015 08:58:59.


  • Recognition at graduation and on the transcript of successful participation in a challenging, high-quality honors program

  • Innovative courses created especially for the Honors Program by outstanding scholars/teachers

  • Participation and intensive faculty guidance

  • Priority for Undergraduate Research Funding

  • A scholarship, if the student persists in good standing as a member of the college-wide Honors Program and maintains a GPA of 3.5

  • Opportunities for outstanding Honors students for Conference Attendance Support

  • Annual Honors Program Awards for the best academic performance and best services award

  • Possibility of attendance of conferences and events sponsored by Industrial sponsors

  • Possibilities for Funding for Senior projects and Capstone Honors Thesis

  • Free joining fees for QU clubs or 25% reduction in other selected clubs

  • Priority for students IAESTE exchange program

  • Priority for internship and summer training.


Proposed incentives and benefits to faculty involved in teaching Honors courses (freestanding and contract courses) :

  • Teaching a freestanding Honors course or an honors contract major course should be recognized in the faculty annual appraisal. In the teaching part of the faculty appraisal, more percentage or weight can be given to faculty teaching such courses to reflect the high level of preparation needed for such courses.

  • Teaching Honors courses may be used as dimension/ criteria in the rubric used to judge the QU Outstanding teaching/ Merit awards.

  • Upon meeting a certain criteria and on competitive basis, faculty involved in teaching honors courses may be entitled to one or more of the following:

    • Invitations to attend workshops related to enhancing teaching and education methods.

    • Be entitled to the Best honors faculty teaching award

  • Priority funding though internal grants in the support of Capstone or design projects involving Honors students.

  • Monitory reward for teaching courses in the Honors via contract.