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Learning Outcomes and Objectives
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Last modified: September 12, 2013 14:14:17.

Honors Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop interdisciplinary perspectives on contemporary and current issues

  • Develop ability to conduct quality research or scholarship in their disciplines

  • Demonstrate advanced oral and written communication skills

  • Develop advanced level of critical thinking and problem solving skills


Honors Program Learning Objectives

Qatar University will:

  • Position the Honors Program as an attractive choice for high achieving students in a competitive higher education market in Qatar.

  • Recruit qualified students to the Honors Program

  • Attract competent faculty who would build an intellectually challenging environment.

  • Acquire resources to establish and maintain an enriched academic environment for students and faculty in the Honors Program.

  • Provide an enriched interdisciplinary curriculum, including capstone activities that challenge the students to use their intellectual capabilities to the fullest.

  • Apply specific learning outcomes for the students and measurement systems for program evaluation.