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Mission and Vision
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Last modified: September 12, 2013 14:10:28.

The Honors Program is designed for highly motivated and academically inquisitive students who are looking for an enriching college experience. The program was established in fall 2009 with just four students. Today, the program has evolved into a university-wide community with 60-70 students enrollment per year. As our community of students, faculty, and staff continues to grow, our dedication to academic excellence remains central to  our daily operations.
If you meet our admission requirements and are interested in small, challenging and dynamic classes, we welcome your application to become a part of this active community of exceptional students and faculty.

The QU Honors Program is an institutional member of the National Collegiate Honors Council

Mission Statement:

The Honors Program at Qatar University provides a highly intellectual environment for exceptional students to explore and achieve their full potential. It is designed to support self-motivated students in developing critical thinking skills and to foster their scholarly and intellectual curiosity. The enriched interdisciplinary curriculum prepares the students to face the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Vision Statement:

The Honors Program at Qatar University will be a community where exceptional, motivated, and innovative minds are challenged. It will serve as a vehicle to enhance the intellectual caliber and to inspire the overall academic culture of the university