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Frequently Asked Questions
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Last modified: September 12, 2013 14:15:59.
  • How do I sign up for an Honors course?

You must obtain approval from the Honors Director.  This can be done by filling out a form in person at the Honors Program office in the Male Campus, room 102,  or by sending an e-mail to with your name, QUID, phone number, QU e-mail, and course requested.  Then you can register by using the Banner system.

  • Do I have to take Honors courses each semester?

No. However, students must complete eight Honors courses (24 CH) including the Freshman Seminar and Senior Thesis to graduate from QU with Honors. We believe that taking a course per semester is the best way to remain focused and to maintain steadily a high level of critical thinking.

  • Do the CHs for completing an undergraduate degree at QU include the Honors CHs?

Yes. For example, if your degree requires completion of 120 credit hours, it will include 24 credits in Honors courses.

  • Are Honors courses graded differently than regular courses?

No, Honors courses are not graded any differently from regular courses offered by QU.

  • Are Honors courses weighted differently in my GPA?

No, Honors courses are weighted like any other course in terms of your overall GPA. However, honors courses are specially marked on your college transcript as "Honors courses.”

  • What is an Honors Contract?

The Honors contract is a signed agreement between a professor and an Honors student in a regular (non-honors) course. The agreement specifies Honors level objectives and tasks to be completed by the student in addition to the objective of the regular course.

  • What is the guiding principle of an Honors Contract?

The guiding principle for an Honors contract is “enrichment, not extra.” In other words, the terms of the Honors contract should be challenging and demanding not by assigning more work, but by exploring and engaging Honors students to meet their Honors Program goals and learning outcomes from the work that is assigned.