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Last modified: January 22, 2017 14:12:16.
  1. An Honors contract is a signed agreement between a professor and an Honors student in a regular (non-honors) course. The agreement specifies Honors level objectives and tasks to be completed by the student in addition to the objective of the regular course. The guiding principle for an Honors contract is “enrichment, not extra.” In other words, the terms of the Honors contract should be challenging and demanding not by assigning more work, but by exploring and engaging Honors students to meet their Honors Program's goals and learning outcomes from the work that is assigned. Contracts that only require longer papers or extra homework will not be approved.

Steps to Completing an Honors Contract

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Honors Course/Section Contract Policies and Guidelines

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Honors Course Contract Form 1

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Honors Course Contract Form 2

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Honors Course Contract Portfolio Coversheet

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