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Core Honors Courses
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Last modified: September 13, 2013 02:27:36.

Honors courses may be Honors sections of core curriculum courses, or courses that are used to meet elective requirements. Some courses are designated HONS in the Course Schedule (e.g. HONS Freshmen Seminar 100, HONS Honors Senior  Seminar 499). Other courses are indicated in the Course Schedule by department with the designation "H" as part of the section number (e.g. ENG 102, section H01). Only Honors students may enroll in Honors courses.
Each semester, Honors courses are offered specifically for Honors Program members. Honors courses differ from regular QU courses in the following aspects:

  1. Focused and Interdisciplinary Readings 
    Assignments include monographs, books, and journal articles that reflect the most recently published literature in any field of study.
  2. Focused Research
    Writing assignments are a required component of Honors courses that generate  critical analysis and/or interpretation.
  3. Outstanding Instruction
    Honors affiliated faculty members are selected on the basis of their exceptional scholarship and teaching credentials. They are committed to maintain a student centered classroom environment where students are heavily engaged in discussions and debates. 
  4. Expressive Assessment
    Honors exams require more than memorization of course material.  They require a synthesis and critical evaluation of course material  in both written and oral  forms. 
  5. Zero Grade Inflation
    Honors students are gifted and highly motivated. Therefore, their academic performance is consistent and expected. As a result, final grade assessment in Honors courses is not bound by any normal distribution of grades (such as traditional bell-curve grading).  It is expected that everyone in an all Honors class would earn an A course grade.