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Honors Curriculum
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Last modified: September 13, 2013 02:27:48.

Honors courses are offered each semester specifically for Honors Program members. Outstanding and acclaimed faculty members teach these courses. Honors courses usually emphasize participatory classroom styles, intense and in-depth study of subject matter, the use of primary source material, team or group teaching, an interdisciplinary theme, and an element of independent study. Honors courses include intensive reading, writing, and research. All required Honors university core course are open only to Honors students. Contracted course in the major require Honors students to join their non-Honors peers and produce evidence of completion of the contract stipulated Honors coursework.

Typical Honors Sequence

Credit Hours Courses


Freshman Seminar (Honors Core 1)


Two University Curriculum Courses from different packages (Honors Core 2, Honors Core 3)


Three Major-based Honors Courses at the 300/400 level


Honors Senior Seminar 498, Honors Thesis 499 (Senior Project, Senior Seminar, Capstone, etc.)


Total Program Credit Hours*

Please note that the 24 credit hours to complete the Honors Program are included in the overall hours required to earn an undergraduate degree at Qatar University