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Continuation & Dismissal
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Last modified: January 22, 2017 12:50:52.

Continuation in the Honors Program

All undergraduate students admitted to the Honors Program have to satisfy the following requirement in order to maintain their enrollment in the Honors Program.

  • A minimum cumulative Qatar University GPA of 3.30 (Fall 2013 plan). And a minimum cumulative Qatar University GPA of 3.00 (before Fall 2013)

  • Progress towards completion of his/her degree requirements.

  • Not having more than two consecutive semesters with no Honors course completion.

  • Having no violations, probation or have a record of any misconduct.

Dismissal from the Honors Program

An Honors student will be dismissed from the Honors Program when:

  • His/her GPA declines below 3.3

  • Found by the university to have committed or participated in an incident of academic dishonesty or any other violation.

  • Failure to successfully complete an Honors course in two consecutive semesters.

  • Failure to maintain a "C" grade in an Honors course/section in two consecutive semesters.