Innovation Contest

Participate & Experience the research world !


  • May 27th, 2015


  • From the End of MAY to the 30th of NOV

    Preperation & Submission of Essays

  • NOV 30th, 2015


  • DEC 15th, 2015

    Winners Ceremony

Research Topic

Research Topic

Innovation: innovation promotion, intellectual properties, innovation education, innovation process (to commercialization), and innovation challenges

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    Interesting area for most students.

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    • Experience the research world (for many undergraduates, this is the first experience!)
    • Demonstrate their research capabilities in a specific business field
    • Share their research ideas and approaches with other students, judges and the Center
    • Improve their professional writing and communication skills
    • Receive prizes and gain recognition from QU and opportunities to collaborate in research projects

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    New topic with high potential for further research, attractive.

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    Scientific or Technological

    The research discussion must be in the area of selected topics. However, the research can focus on a specific field of science or technology (e.g., IT, pharmacy, chemical products, electrical equipment or devices, service industry, and art). The geographic scope of the research can be Qatar, GCC economies, Middle East or MENA region.


Main steps of doing a short research

  • Performing a Literature review on the topic
  • Identifying a gap in the literature
  • Identifying a problem highlighted by the gap in the literature and framing a purpose for the study
  • Writing an Introduction to the study, summarizing literature review and the gap and why you are proposing your study
  • Framing research hypotheses and or research questions to investigate or guide the study
  • Determining the method of investigation and outlining the research design
  • Defining required data, characteristics of data elements, and potential data sources
  • Writing shortly the expected research outcomes and implementation
  • Listing all references

Research Essay Structure (two pages)

  • A short summary about the topic
  • Problem definition, gap, proposed approach, potential contribution
  • A short literature review
  • Required data and source of data
  • Proposed method
  • Expected outcomes/results
  • List of references

About Us

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) was established in September 2013 as a Qatar University's initiative to support entrepreneurship at the university and community at large. CFE is working to link the academic life with business reality through training, incubation, research and consultation. CFE's services are tailored to Qatar University students, alumni, staff and also extend to the private sector, business communities, associations and government agencies.

CFE's services include delivering training programs to create awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and to develop individuals' skills to become potential entrepreneurs.

CFE's mission is to support students and the QU community to develop business ideas and transform them into viable start-ups. CFE is excited to help and invites you to visit to learn how we can serve you better.

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