Functions of the Council
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Last modified: December 25, 2014 11:32:34.

 The Council shall perform the following scopes for a proper functioning within the college:

1. To establish the Strategic Plan of the College in line with the general policy of the University. 
2. To revise the proposals and recommendations that are presented by the College committees.  
3. To propose plans for the development and implementation of the College policies in light of the general policies of the University.
4. The reconsideration of mechanisms and structures which are related to the placement of the University’s policies and that are submitted to the College of Law for compliance.   
5. To recommend the number of admitted and accepted students as well as to set admissions criteria. 
6. Develop a plan to attract and train prospect Qatari teaching faculty to join the College of Law. 
7. Revision of teaching schedules, midterm and final exams dates and placement of necessary guidelines for their planning. 
8. Setting and planning of the overall annual budget. 
9. Development of the administrative structure of the college. 
10. To place recommendations for the establishment of new programs for the College. 
11. Any other tasks assigned by the Chair of the Council.