Members of the Council
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Last modified: October 12, 2017 10:25:36.
  Name  Position  Membership Title
1 Dr. Mohammad Abdulaziz AlKhulaifi Dean of the College of Law Chairman
2 Dr. Hassan Hussein H Elbarrawy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Member
3 Dr. Faouzi Belknani Associate Dean for Research Affairs and Graduate Studies Member
4 Fatma Mansour Al-Mesleh Assistant Dean for Student’s Affairs Member
5 Dr. Jon Truby Director of Law & Development Center Member
6 Dr. Imad Kattan Coordinator of Graduate Studies Program Member
7 Dr. Ahmed Sameer Coordinator of Bachelor Studies Program Member
8 Dr. Mona Marzouqi Representative of the Private Law Program Member
9 Dr. Khalid Al-Shammari Representative of the Public Law Program? Member
10 Allabiba Al- Anzi Administrative Coordinator at the Dean’s Office Secretary