Academic Staff
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Last modified: November 02, 2015 13:53:28.


Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Khulaifi Dean, College of Law
+974-4403 5296

Associate Deans

Dr. Yaser Khalaileh Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
+974-4403 5277
Dr. Yassin El Shazly Associate Dean of Outreach and Engagement
+974-4403 6711
Dr. Faouzi Ahmed Belknani Associate Dean of research
+974-4403 6512
Ms. Ola Shadid Teaching Assistant/Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Assistant Dean

Ms. Ola Rustom Shadid Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
+974-4403 6514

Faculty Members

Dr. Mohamed Fawzy Latif Professor of Law
Dr. Nasser Al adba Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Francis Botchway Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 5293
Dr. Andrew Dahdal Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Basher Saad Zaghloul Assistant Professor of Law
+ 974-4403 5278
Dr. Farouk Mohamed Ahmed Elabaseri Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 5290
Dr. Hassan Al –Sayed Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 5274
Dr. Imad Kattan Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5280
Dr. Ioannis Konstantinidis Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Melissa Deehring Montouche Lecturer and Student Advisor
+974-4403 5292
Dr. Mohammed Ammar Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5289
Ms. Muna Mustafa H A Al-Marzouqi Lecturer of Law
Dr. Rawan Mustafa Al-Louzi Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 6726
Dr. Sami Hamdan Al-Rawashdeh Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 5267
Dr. Talal Abdulla Al-Emadi Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5284
Dr. Ahmed Samir Hassanein Assistant Professor
+974-4403 6715
Dr. Ayad Haroon Mohammed Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Mohamed Y. Mattar Clinical Professor of Law
Dr. Rafael Brown Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Husam Mohammed Botosh Associate Professor of Commercial Law
Dr. Salah Zain Eddine Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Ahmed El Mortadybellah Morsy Associate Professor of Law
Dr. Charles Michael Schnurman Clinical lecturer of Law
Dr. Aaron Harmon Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Abdelnaser Zeyad Hayajneh Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 5263
Dr. Abdelhafez Aly Elshemy Associate Professor of Law
Dr. Abdelrahman Jomaa Associate Professor of Law
Dr. Conrad Sturm Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5297
Dr. Gaber Mahgoub Professor of Law
+974-4403 5262
Dr. Hassan Elbarawy Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 5264
Dr. Jon Truby Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5288
Dr. Nader Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Professor of Law
Dr. Mohamed Salem Abou El Farag Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5281
Dr. Mohannad Nouh Moukthar Associate Professor of Law
+974-4403 6707
Dr. Nazzal Kisswani Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 5291
Ms. Reem Ali Al-Ansari Lecturer of Law
Ms. Sonia Malak Professor of Law
+974-4403 6720
Dr. Tarek Gomaa El Sayed Rashed Assistant Professor of Law
+974- 4403 5266
Dr. Islam Ibrahim Chiha Assistant Professor of Law
+974-4403 6714
Dr. Mohammed Fares Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Paula Marie Young Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Ghanam Mohammed Ghanam Professor of Law
Prof. Ibrahim Al-Anani Professor of Law
Dr. Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud Associate Professor of Law
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Associate Professor of Law
Dr. Nisreen Salamah Mahasneh Professor of Law

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Hasan Ahmed Ali Alhammadi Assistant Professor of Law

Teaching Assistants

Mr. Hamad Hamed Alhababi Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. Abdelsalam Lachaal Teaching Assistant of Law
+974-4403 6712
Ms. Zahiya Nedal Abu-Khadija Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Kholoud Al Qahtani Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. Mohsen Al Marri Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Reem Helali T
+974-4403 6708
Ms. Sara Al-Mohannadi Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. saqer fadala Mubarak Al-Sulaiti Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Amina Zainal Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Mariam Abu Shareeda Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Aisha Al Ammari Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. Abdulla Abdulaziz AlMulla Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. Khalid Al Shamari Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. Mohammed Alkaabi Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Noura Al Sahlawi Teaching Assistant of Law
Mr. Saber Gdiri Teaching Assistant of Law
+974-4403 6709
Ms. Zohra Mahmoud Teaching Assistant of Law
+974-4403 6713
Mr. Faisal Misfer Al-Ahbabi Teaching Assistant of Law
Ms. Fatima Al-Mosleh Teaching Assistant of Law

Administrative Staff

Ms. Amal Al-Sarraf Academic Advisor
+974-4403 5964
Ms. Dima Bassam Diab Dean's office support
+974-4403 6705
Ms. Fatema Hassan Senior Academic Advisor
+974-4403 5268
Ms. Maha R Aridi Teaching Assistant/Executive Assistant
+974-4403 5285
Ms. Rama Kanawati ER Coordinator
+974-4403 6718
Ms. Sabine Saad Administrative Assistant
+974-4403 5256
Ms. Sherin J. A. Alkahlout ER Coordinator
+974-4403 6511
Ms. Lina Mohamed Sayed Tarrad Administrative Assistant
Ms. Nanyce Abdelwahab Administrative Assistant
Ms. Rania El-Murtada Administrative Assistant
Ms. Imane El Ouardighi Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bedour Ali Hassan Technology Specialist
+9974-4403 5257
Ms. Fatma Ali Ahmed Finance and Administration Coordinator
+974-4403 5255
Mr. Hadi Elmoghazy Academic Advisor
+974-4403 6701
Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Al-Haidoos Administrative Coordinator
+974-4403 5254
Ms. Rawda khalifa Al-Dosari Head of Career Services Office
+974-4403 6516
Ms. Sara El Zubair Educational Technology Specialist
+974-4403 6518
Ms. Tamara Al Kharouf Administrative Assistant
+974-4403 6517
Ms. Esmma Abd El Vetaah Administrative Assistant
+974-4403 5259
Ms. Nour Diab Administrative Assistant
Ms. Tasnim Mohammed Administrative Assistant