Jon Truby
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JON TRUBY, LL.B, (Newcastle). L.Dip, (York) Ph.D. (Newcastle). Assistant Professor of Law & Policy ,Director of the Centre for Law and Development . 

 +974-4403 5288
Professional Experience

Dr. Truby is Director of the Centre for Law & Development, a legal research and policy centre focused on delivering solutions to the needs of Qatar’s National Development Strategy.

Dr. Jon Truby runs the undergraduate and postgraduate Environmental Law and Public Policy programmes in the College of Law of Qatar University, as well as teaching international and Qatari business law and policy.  As a lawyer and academic established in law, policy and social sciences, he specisalises in commercial law, financial regulation, taxation and social behaviour, sustainable energy and environmental law.  His research activities in these fields highlight key law and policy issues in Qatar and the GCC and are supported through various research grants from Qatar Foundation and Qatar University.  This has enabled him to research and gain expertise in niche areas including Qatari and GCC tax and commercial law and policy, financial regulation, money laundering and counter terror finance related to Qatar, as well as Gulf environmental law and policy.  He has managed and participated in several grants designed to meet Qatar’s National Research Strategy and Qatar’s National Development Strategy.

He is a highly active faculty member in Qatar University and participates in a range of planning, strategy and education committees.  He served on the Strategic Planning Committee preparing the University’s 2013-16 Strategic Plan and helped develop Qatar’s first LLM programme.  He has set up various academic, research and consultancy centres such as the Business Law Centre and Legal Writing Centre, is on the managing committee of the Centre for Energy & Sustainability Law, and is secretary of the International Law Association (Qatar). He has led university missions through his endeavours with external organisations such as the US State Department, the World Bank, NATO, the EU institutions, the American Bar Association and partnered universities. He works closely with the Qatar legal community and government bodies and recently developed Qatar’s Strategic Plan on Rule of Law, focusing on Law-Related Education, and helped design a Qatar Government White Paper on legislative reform for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  He is passionate about technology in education, and won a University award for innovative technology-based teaching and is the College’s technology-enhanced learning implementation coordinator.

Before joining the College of Law, Dr. Truby taught graduate and undergraduate courses on the LLM and LLB courses at Newcastle Law School (England).  His Ph.D from Newcastle Law School at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (England) was a doctoral study of environmental tax law and its impact upon environmental behaviour including sustainable energy consumption and production.  His undergraduate degree was also from Newcastle Law School where he received a First Class Honours Degree in his LLB Degree with prizes.  After his postgraduate professional legal qualification at the University of Law in York (England), where he focused upon commercial and corporate law, he went on to practice law in a top ten global law firm in the City of London, before beginning his doctorate.  

He is Associate Editor-in-Chief and Founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Review of Law, an internationally peer reviewed, multi-jurisdictional, bilingual (English and Arabic) law journal.  Through this he plays an active role in the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Scholarly Work

Recent publications:

  • ‘Qatar: Mineral Policy’ in Günter Tiess, Tapan Majumder and Peter Cameron (Eds), Encyclopedia of Mineral and Energy Policy (Springer: 2018);
  •  Validity of allowances under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (2017) Environmental Law & Management; (2017) Environmental Liability;
  • VW’s ‘defeat devices’ and liability for claims for lost emissions tax revenue (2017) 1 Global Journal of Comparative Law 1-24;
  • Review of Balancing Human Rights, Environmental Protection and International Trade: Lessons from the EU Experience (2017) 42 European Law Review 1, 131-134; 
  • (With Melissa Deerhing) Review of Cinnamon P. Carlarne et al (ed), The Oxford Handbook of International Climate Change Law, Oxford University Press (2017) Journal of Environmental Law; 
  • Review of Environmental Policy & Politics in the EU (2017) European Energy and Environmental Law Review;
  •  Review of Capacity Mechanisms in the EU Energy Market (2017) European Energy and Environmental Law; Review;
  •  Free Zones, Foreign Ownership and Tax Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment in Qatar (2016) 11-6 Global Trade & Customs Journal;
  • Qatar’s progress towards preventing terror finance through the abuse of charitable status and the financial sector (2016) 19(4) Journal of Money Laundering Control;
  • International investment law, trade in services and customs: legislative strategies for states hosting international competitive events (2017) 12-1 Global Trade & Customs Journal 39-45;
  • The Director Duty of Care in Qatar (2016) 26 Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 337-375;
  • Reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency in residential homes through reform of environmental taxation legislation (UTS: 2015) in 16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, conference proceedings;
  • Measuring Qatar’s compliance with international standards on money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (2016) 19-3 Journal of Money Laundering Control;
  •  The final Budget: the British Parliament’s missed opportunity on Aviation Taxation and the environment (2015) 43 International Tax Review;
  •  Aviation Tax, Free Trade and State Aid in the European Union: Ireland’s riddled Air Travel Tax (2015) EC Tax Review; Global Tax Weekly (2015);
  • Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates - Domestic and international tax issues (2015) 43 International Tax Review; Global Tax Weekly (2015);
  •  Regulating Sovereign Wealth Funds to Avoid Investment Protectionism (2015) 1 Journal of Financial Regulation (Oxford) 95-134;
  • Enforcement activism of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive during the global financial crisis (2014) 38 William and Mary Environmental Law & Policy Review 3;
  • Deutsche Bank and the Use of Promises in Islamic Finance Contracts (2013) 7(4) Virginia Law & Business Review 619;
  • Maritime Emissions Taxation: An Alternative to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme?, 31 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 310 (2014);
  • Extraterritoriality or an Illegal Tax? A Challenge to the Inclusion of Aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (2012) 14 Environmental Law Review 4, 301-306;
  • Fiscal tools for inclusion of GCC states in the global environmental programme: focus upon new vehicle imports (2012) in Green Taxation and Environmental Sustainability (Edward Elgar, London, 2012);
  • Including Resource-rich growing GCC States in the Global Environmental Programme using Market Instruments: Focus upon Fuel Efficiency and Emissions in Imports of New Vehicles, in Market Instruments and Sustainable Economy, 12th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (Institute for Fiscal Studies; Madrid, 2011);
  • Towards Overcoming the Conflict between Environmental Tax Leakage and Border Tax Adjustment Concessions for Developing Countries (2010) 12 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 149-183;
  • Reforming the Air Passenger Duty as an Environmental Tax (2010-11) 12 Environmental Law Review 3 94-104;
  • Review of Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation: International and Comparative Perspectives, Volume VI (2010) 1 Environmental Liability 35.

News Television Appearances:

  • Al Jazeera English TV, 6pm live News 18:00: AT&T-Time Warner interview, 23 October 2016 
  • Al Jazeera English TV, 6pm live News 18:00: interview on counter terror finance, 27 April 2016
  • Al Jazeera English TV, Inside Story live televised debate: ‘Has austerity worked?’ 24 January 2014,
  • Al Jazeera English TV, Inside Story live televised debate: ‘Should leaders be tried for mismanagement?’ 25 April 2012,

Courses taught presently
  • International Environmental Law (LLB)
  • Environmental Law & Public Policy (Masters)
  • Business Law
Awards and Grants


  • Qatar University Excellence in Research Award 2015 and 2013
  • Qatar University President’s Teaching Award (Qatar): Exemplary Online Instruction Award
  • The Law Society Prize (UK) (Company Law)
  • The John Clark Memorial Prize in Chancery (UK)


  • Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP 9th Cycle, 2016) “Legal Education & the Skills Market in Qatar” ($500,000) Role: PI
  • Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP 7th Cycle, 2014): “Legal Innovation to Empower Development: Designing and Building An Online “TradeLab” in Qatar” ($900,000) Role: PI
  • Qatar National Research Fund (UREP 12th Cycle, 2012): “Ensuring Qatar’s legal framework adequately facilitates the national solar energy policy” ($30,000) Role: PI
  • Qatar National Research Fund (UREP 12th Cycle, 2012): “Including businesses in Qatar's sustainable development programme through incentives for micro-production of non-hydrocarbon energy” ($30,000) Role: PI
  • Qatar University Start Up Grant (2011): “Carbon Finance: development of carbon trading and climate change finance policies in Qatar” ($12,000) Role: Lead Researcher.
  • Chartered Institute of Taxation (UK) (2009-2011): “Is it possible to design a universal legal model for Environmental Taxation” ($10,000) Role: Lead PI
  • Sir Richard Stapely Educational Trust (2009): environmental tax law research sponsorship ($1,000) Role: Lead PI
  • QU Research Priorities seed funding to establish an Integrated Environmental Sustainability Action Plan - Attaining sustainable air, water and food security in Qatar (2016) (QR 1,000,000)