Welcome to the college of Law

The State of Qatar has one of the most exciting international economies in the world; it serves as a centre for energy and education as well as a gateway to the Middle East. In a unique legal market that naturally blends the principles of Islamic Law, Civil Law and Common Law, the College of Law is the sole provider of legal education in Qatar to over 800 students enrolled in forty-one full-time courses.

The College was established in 2006 as a separate college after being a department at the College of Sharia. Graduates of the College of Law join the local and international legal market, government practice, international corporations and academia. Today, the College's Faculty consists of twenty-seven full-time academics from nine countries, each with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Four of the college's graduates are currently undertaking post-graduate studies in the United States of America.

The College of Law is focused on continuing a strong tradition in teaching and research. We also aim to establish the College as the premier provider of legal education in the Middle East. The College's latest initiatives include the launch of a comprehensive Legal Writing and Advocacy Skills Programme that aims to equip our graduates with key lawyering skills. We've also recently launched the College's law journal, The International Review of Law, an externship programme, and The Center for Energy, Environmental and Sustainability Law and Policy, a dedicated permanent think-thank on energy and environmental law. Very soon, the College looks to also launch a centre for business law that will serve the community and promote research in various related disciplines.
It is a great joy and a great honour to lead the College of Law during this time of immense growth and change. If you should have a chance to visit the Qatar University campus, I would be more than happy to welcome you in person to our College.


Hassan Okour
Dean of the College of Law