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Last modified: February 10, 2014 12:11:34.
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LAWC holds exhibition and lecture on human rights

The Human Rights Club at LAWC recently organized an exhibition and a lecture to mark the Human Rights Day.


The event aims to raise awareness on and promote the practice of human rights among students. Attendees included LAWC associate deans for Academic Affairs Dr Yasser Al-Khalaileh, for Research Dr Faowzi Belknani, and for Outreach and Community Engagement Dr Yassin El-Shazli, as well as LAWC students.


The lecture was presented by 2 LAWC students on the current situation of human rights in the Arab world.


The exhibition included five booths entitled “the right of fair trial”, “the right of life”, “women’s rights”, “children’s rights”, and “Qatar’s role in human rights protection”. They were presented by students Rana Al Basheer, Mehta Al-Nuaimi, Noora AlRumaihi, Ghada AlOtaibi, Rehana Khowe, Enam Irqsosi, Basheer AlAhbabi, Metha Aljaber, Nour Ibraheem, Bashayer Alahbabi, and Sheekha AlKubaisi.


Commenting on the event, LAWC Dean Dr Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Al-Khulafi said: “In light of the belief of LAWC in the core role of higher legal education in the improvement of the community, there is a necessity to focus on issues related to human rights. In this context, the college established the Human Rights Club to raise awareness on the importance of preserving human rights and to develop the laws and regulations which are related to these rights in the Arab world.”