Second Regional Forum On Arbitration & Construction Disputes
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Last modified: June 02, 2015 08:49:18.

Organized by The College of Law in Qatar University in collaporation with Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration QICCA

Hosted by Project Qatar

5th of May, 2015
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Venue: (QNCC) Qatar National Convention Center

We are honored to welcome you to this important scientific forum, organized in cooperation with Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration, for the second year.

The College of Law in Qatar University works towards offering quality legal educational programs that support national competencies that will carry out the banner of judiciary and arbitration in the future. The close cooperation with Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration is one of the factors that support this goal. The College as well vows to build a closer relationship and cooperation with Qatar Chamber in order to serve the public interest of our country.

We all look forward to legal dialogues and experiences which will be raised and will enrich the culture of arbitration in Qatar and will certainly contribute to build communication between all participants. On my behalf and on behalf of the College of Law in Qatar University, I would like to welcome you all and extend my sincere thanks to all those who contributed directly or indirectly to the success of this important scientific event on arbitration and construction disputes.

Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Al-Khulaifi
Dean of College of Law, Qatar University


It is my pleasure today to attend the 2nd Doha Arbitration Forum organized by the College of Law in Qatar University and Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration. This cooperation generated by the recognition of both entities of the importance of sharing of opinions and intellectual exchange between them  in the field of trade and irresolution of investment disputes in particular. 

This event highlights the desire of Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration to develop the cooperation with the college of Law in Qatar University. Moreover, it will give the participants the chance of practical experience exchange which will help to support the arbitration culture and other alternative means of dispute resolution in Qatar.

The aim of the Doha Arbitration Forum is to serve as a platform for academics and practitioners in order to exchange experiences to support professional practice and contribute in building specialized persons in the field of arbitration in the State of Qatar. 

Sheikh. Thani Al-Thani
Board member of Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration
Vice President of Qatar Lawyers Association  


Brief about the Business Law Forum 

The College of Law launched in 2012 a scientific forum on Business law that aims to serve the community in the best way and enhance research, training and consulting services in all issues related to business law.

The Business law forum works under the supervision of the College of law in Qatar University and it is considered a research hub for students and researchers specialized in business law. This forum seeks to achieve links between theoretical and practical knowledge through a solid framework. The forum also aims to build bridges between business community and academic & research community in the State of Qatar to improve the trade sector and find solutions to its current and future challenges.  

The forum works on providing consultancy to the business community as well as conducting global leading researches in terms of uniqueness and content in various aspects of business law in Qatar. The purpose of these researches is to help companies and organizations to do their best potential to achieve Qatar vision 2030.

The forum also launched continuous educational program and manages it according to international standards. These programs are designed to cover law and business community requirements in Qatar. Moreover, the business law forum organizes continuous activities such as workshops, round tables and seminars which discuss issues related to business law with the participation of legal researchers and experts, judges, international law firms, national lawyers, governmental institutions, and international organizations.


Background of Doha Arbitration Forum 

The College of Law at Qatar University in collaboration with Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration (QICCA) are delighted to invite you to our Second Forum on Arbitration that will be held this year on Construction Disputes. The development process in Qatar entails massive construction contracts. We trust that this event is important for lawyers, construction industry professionals and arbitrators.

In May 2014, the forum organized in cooperation with Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration a scientific forum “Modern aspects in international commercial arbitration in the Arab countries”. The Forum hosted two distinguished speakers,  

This year, the Doha arbitration Forum is about a specialized issue which is important in legal and economic levels; arbitration and construction disputes. The State of Qatar is currently experiencing a large renaissance as the country seeks to host important global events especially world cup 2022. This boosted the construction sector in the country. Yet, construction projects are generally long term contracts and contain complex relationship between developer, port, and contractor or sub-contractor. These contracts also have an international character especially in infrastructure projects, where mostly one of its parties is foreign. Accordingly, it is necessary to provide appropriate legal  environment to resolve any disputes related to construction contracts , both in the implementation or delivery phase.

We are looking forward to a very special edition this year on this vital topic, especially that the event will be hosted by Project Qatar 2015, Qatar's Largest Exhibition for Building, Environmental Technology & Materials. Project Qatar 2015 provides a unique platform to showcase your latest equipment and services to Qatar’s booming construction market. Now in its 12th edition, exhibitors benefit from fast market penetration into Qatar’s lucrative construction market, and the opportunity to generate new business opportunities with companies of all sizes.

This event will be unique of its kind with the presence of international and regional leading arbitration figures. In panel sessions designed to both demonstrate and examine selected international and local cases, we will discuss how to best avoid /confront existing legal challenges related to construction contracts in Qatar. Discussions will be followed by suggestions and recommendations of the invited arbitration experts.


Objectives of Doha arbitration forum

1. Disseminate the legal culture on arbitration and other alternative methods of disputes resolution.

2. Educate participants about the importance of arbitration in supporting the economic environment and attracting foreign investments in Qatar. 

3. Inform participants about updates in the field of arbitration.

4. Strengthen the relation between arbitration institutions and centers on the national level

5. Clarify the relation between arbitration and other alternative  methods of disputes resolution. 

6. Support Qatar vision 2030 in building human capacities in the country.


Sponsors of Doha 2nd arbitration Forum 2015

Launched in early 2009, the International Journal of Arab Arbitration (IJAA) is a quarterly issued journal dedicated to publishing in English all types of legal information related to arbitration on one side and the Arab World and Islamic Law on the other.

This includes scholarly articles, arbitration statutes and rules, arbitral awards as well as case law issued by State courts from various Arab jurisdictions. The IJAA also publishes non-Arab case law involving Arab parties/laws/States and various updates on current arbitration topics related to the Arab world.

The IJAA has established itself as the only English publication in its field, enabling non-Arab speakers to get acquainted with Arab arbitration sources and materials in various aspects.

In parallel, Majallat Attahkim Al’alamia was launched as a sister publication covering all aspects of domestic and international arbitration (whether or not related to Arab jurisdictions) but solely in the Arabic language, with the common aim of establishing a unified and complete arbitration record in the Arab World.


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