Academic Excellence Office
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Last modified: November 02, 2015 14:04:26.


The mission of the Academic Excellence Center (AEC) is to support students in their efforts to become excellent learners.

The AEC will provide dynamic learning assistance services to increase student achievement and foster active involvement in the learning process. The services will include monitoring students skills (legal writing, legal reasoning, reviewing exams. etc…), identifying students with academic risks, counseling students with special academic needs and conducting academic counseling with students.


  1. Helping students thrive in the College of Law
  2. Helping students develop certain skills necessary for the College of Law.
  3. Working individually with those students who need more help with legal assistance, exam-writing and other matters.
  4. Empowering first year students to quickly integrate “how to learn” with “what to learn”.
  5. Supporting students in their academic endeavors.
  6. Ensuring that all students develop the skills needed to succeed academically.

Workshops (all students may attend)

The workshops will enable students to develop methods that suit their individual needs. The center is going to conduct a series of workshops on time-management, outlining and exam-writing.

  1. Time-management Workshop will help students manage their time. Students are encouraged to create a time-management plan that will enable them to organize and prioritize their activities.
  2. Outlining Workshop is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the law exam outline. Student will be provided an explanation and guidance about appropriate outlining techniques.
  3. Exam–Taking Workshop is intended to introduce students to the art of taking a law school examination. The workshop will focus on how to read an exam, organize an answer and write a clear essay.

Individual Counseling

We will be available to meet individually with students to discuss their study skills, to review exams and papers, and to give general academic advice and support.
Students will also benefit from individualized counseling when seeking further assistance on the topics covered in the workshops.