Community Engagement in Curriculum Design (CECD)
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Last modified: June 25, 2015 13:04:50.

What is Community Engagement in Curriculum Design? An initiative that aims to secure community engagement and involvement in designing a “future-focused curriculum” for the College of Medicine. This is important if QU-CMED is to lay the foundations now for tomorrow’s doctors, projecting the needs of future societies and healthcare systems from their physicians with a focus on the specific needs of Qatar and the region. 


Community Engagement

CMED is interested in leveraging the strength of community connections that QU has developed over the course of its history in order  to develop and implement the curriculum of the newly founded college of medicine. We have been engaging faculty, staff, and student across the “Qatar University Health Cluster” and beyond, as well as engaging in inter-disciplinary collaborations in the development of the new curriculum. Furthermore, we are interested in organizing at least one event that seeks broader feedback from stakeholder in the community including parents, healthcare professionals, and the media. 


Governance Model

To explore new curriculum models and to address the current challenges in healthcare and medical education, CMED put together a curriculum committee, which meets cyclically to discuss curriculum development issues. The committee includes members of QU and the healthcare sector. 

Additionally, the (CECD) initiative will engage our community of students through a Student Advisory Committee and the College Advisory Board, which will have community and industry representation. Input of the Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Group led by the College of Pharmacy at QU, is also sought. This group has representation from the community including healthcare education institutions and healthcare practitioners. 


Broader Community Engagement 

 In addition to the above long term and structured input sources, CMED is interested in organizing an event which will provide a platform for several focus groups and feedback mechanisms to collect general public opinions on the qualities of future doctors. The implication of this feedback on curriculum design will be taken into consideration by all the above groups with the aim of translating the strongest input points  into specific modifications to the current curriculum where deemed possible and useful. 

The Focus Groups 

An event titled “Tomorrow’s Doctors as Seen by their Community”  " أطباء الغد كما يراهم مجتمعهم " is organized on the QU campus with the aim of engaging parents, alumni, practitioners, the media and the general public in defining what it means to be an excellent doctor in Qatar in 2030.  The event includes a number of focus groups with different members of the public (media, students, practitioners, alumni…). An experienced facilitator from within or outside the college moderates each focus group. 

Following the event, findings are compiled into a report which is considered and discussed by the Curriculum Committee, the Student Advisory Committee and the IPE Work Group to ensure alignment between public expectations and concerns and between CMED curriculum design.


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