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International Advisory Board
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Last modified: November 06, 2014 09:53:56.

The International Advisory Board for the Qatar University College of Medicine is established to advise the College leadership and the Steering Committee on all strategic matters relating to the establishment and operations of the College.

Members of the International Advisory Board are:

  • Dr. Philip A. Pizzo, Dean Emeritus of Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Dr. Hossam Hamdy, former Vice Chancellor of Medical and Health Science Colleges at University of Sharjah

  • Dr. Mohammed H. Sayegh, Dean of Medicine and VP of Medical Affairs at American University of Beirut

  • Dr. Hans-Günther Sonntag, Dean of Honor at University of Heidelberg

  • Dr. Charles Weiner, former Dean/CEO of Perdana School of Medicine and Professor of Medicine and Physiology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

  • Dr. Kevin Weiss, Senior Vice President for Institutional Accreditation and Board member of the US Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)