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Vision and Mission
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Last modified: November 11, 2014 09:08:00.


To be a leading college of medicine and college of choice for top students and local and international academics, a driving force for innovation across the national healthcare sector addressing core national challenges, and a secure source of high quality, trusted physicians for Qatar.



  • To graduate physicians and future leaders for the Qatar healthcare sector who are competent, caring, compassionate and motivated with a strong sense of responsibility towards the health of the community.

  • To foster excellence in education, research, creativity and innovation, and to contribute to finding solutions for the health needs of the country and the region.

  • To advance the health of the nation by supporting the national health strategy and by adding strength to the existing healthcare system through integration and synergy.

  • To build a culture of diversity that sustains an environment which attracts, nurtures and retains the highest quality students, faculty, staff and administration in the Qatar context .