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Last modified: March 27, 2016 08:16:23.
  • A student focused, culturally sensitive and supportive learning environment
  • An international standard, patient-centred, problem-based-learning curriculum.
  • Close and organic integration with the Qatari healthcare sector, with numerous opportunities for scholarly work and development of research skills.
  • Exposure to and training in the clinical/hospital environment begins from the first year in close collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation, the national and largest healthcare provider in Qatar, as well as leading private healthcare providers.
  • Students learn in small groups that emphasize teamwork, leadership and communication skills.
  • Students will spend the last two and a half years of the 6-year MD program training at one of the key hospitals or healthcare centers, learning one-to-one from experienced physicians and academic mentors.
  • By graduation, students will have a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the specific healthcare challenges and opportunities in Qatar.
  • Full alignment with international quality standards to prepare students for internationally accepted medical licensing exams.
  • Research-guided scholarly methods and focus on lifelong-learning ensure the skills and knowledge of graduates are continuously developing and consistently aligned with the latest medical practice standards and innovations.
  • Collaboration across established QU programs and access to QU’s broad range of courses, cutting-edge facilities and student services. 
  • Focus on strong leadership and Arabic communication skills uniquely position our graduates to become leaders in transforming healthcare in Qatar.