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Last modified: October 23, 2016 11:58:29.

Find out more about becoming a clinical faculty member and how to apply.

Clinical Faculty members are an integral part of the MD program. They teach and inspire students and are the role models for the next generation of Qatar’s doctors. They often also make significant contributions in administration, professional development, and research.
An appointment as a clinical faculty member at the College of Medicine at Qatar University provides you with the opportunity to teach enthusiastic students who can revitalise your academic interests and enrich your clinical practice;

"There is nothing as valuable as striving students, and nothing as honourable as being a helping hand in the thriving of those future doctors."

Dr Sherif Mustafa


“It is exciting to be part of the collaboration with the College of Medicine’s curriculum development process which in turn is a contribution to the development of the health sector in the state of Qatar. During their rotations at primary care centres, medical students will have the opportunity to be trained by highly skilled and experienced family physicians. They will learn about the principles of patient-centred care, the biopsychosocial approach, the fundamentals of history taking and physical examination. Care is not just for the diseased; they will also be exposed to preventive and health promotion services such as screening and vaccination. I look forward to helping in the training and development of these ambitious future physicians.”

Dr Noora Al Mutawa


Such an appointment also facilitates collaboration with other faculty members at the College of Medicine, and access to the infrastructure and resources to facilitate your research.
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