Roles and responsibilities
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Last modified: October 20, 2016 11:49:26.

Learn about the many ways in which clinical faculty contribute to the College of Medicine 

Clinical faculty contribute to the education of the medical students whether at the bed side, in the classroom or at the college. Clinical faculty at the affiliated hospitals / clinics are expected to be actively engaged in patient care, education and scholarly activities at their institutions. They will be expected to contribute to a significant degree to the academic and clinical teaching programs at the college. Clinical faculty are primarily accountable to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs concerning their teaching and educational responsibilities at the CMED, and to the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for the clinical clerkship aspects of the curriculum. These responsibilities and reporting relationships will be further defined at the time of appointment.

Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Teaching and training of CMED students at the affiliated clinical training sites or at the college campus, in alignment with the rank of appointment.
  • Teaching, consulting and engaging in academic activities that lead to scholarly achievement with reference to CMED.
  • Supporting the mission, goals, objectives, and activities of QU and complying with all its bylaws, policies, and rules.
  • Other duties as assigned.