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Last modified: October 20, 2016 11:50:09.

Find administrative, personal, academic and research services and resources available to clinical faculty members.


Clinical Faculty at the College of Medicine will be provided with a QU ID card which provides them access to campus facilities such as the library, online databases, campus sports facilities, QU discounts and much more.

QU Email

Clinical Faculty are entitled to a Qatar University email account for the duration of their appointment.  

QU Library

Clinical Faculty have full usage and borrowing access to the QU library including access to e-resources

Continuous Professional Development:

Appointed clinical faculty will be offered free access to medical education training workshops and course. These professional development opportunities are offered annually by international experts in the field of medical education.

Communication: Intranet and newsletter

Clinical faculty will receive regular updates, newsletters, and other broadcast emails from Qatar University and the College of Medicine. They will also have intranet (myQU) accounts.