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Last modified: October 05, 2016 13:30:57.
Breast Cancer Awareness Event25-Oct-2017
World Asthma day02-Apr-2017
Traffic Safety: Religious and Health Perspective13-Mar-2017
Blood Donation Campaign21-Feb-2017
National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) workshop20-Feb-2017
White Coat Ceremony 22-Oct-2016
Coffee with the Dean 17-Oct-2016
Lecture by Prof Srikant Sarangi 11-Oct-2016
World Alzheimers 21-Sep-2016
CMED Faculty onboarding event04-Sep-2016
Student Boot camp 29-Aug-2016
Seminar: Flow Cytometry-Based Phenotyping in Health Care and Research18-May-2016
Qatar International Medical Congress 18-May-2016
World Hypertension Day17-May-2016
Middle East Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare14-May-2016
Education Conference by the Ministry of Education & Higher Education 07-May-2016
World Asthma Day!03-May-2016
Beat Diabetes28-Apr-2016
Annual Prospective Students Event06-Apr-2016
Lecture by Professor David Arnot-"The Unexpected Links Between Malaria in Pregnancy and Solid Tumour Cancers".05-Apr-2016
World Kidney Day08-Mar-2016
MoU Signing agreement between PHCC and QU.23-Feb-2016
CMED regional meeting on accreditation of medical schools 18-Feb-2016
Gulf Patient's Rights Day15-Feb-2016
World Cancer Day 11-Feb-2016
Introduction to the CAPHRI Research Institute at Maastricht University- 08-Feb-2016
Medicine Winter Camp - Annual 4 day High school students event 20-Jan-2016
Visit by HMC Partners29-Nov-2015
World Anti-Obesity Day26-Nov-2015
College Launch event09-Nov-2015
Certificate of Competence Workshop01-Nov-2015
Lecture by Director of King Fahad National Centre for Children’s Cancer, Dr Khawla S Al-Kuraya: “the Molecular Classification of Saudi Colorectal Cancer”22-Oct-2015
Signing of a MoU between Qatar University and Hamad Medical Corporation21-Oct-2015
MoU signing with HMC21-Oct-2015
Coffee with the Dean20-Oct-2015
Certificate of Competence Workshop 11-Oct-2015
MoU signing with Maastricht11-Oct-2015
World Alzheimer's Awareness Day21-Sep-2015
Student Boot camp06-Sep-2015
College of Medicine Prospective Student Event19-Jan-2015