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Last modified: November 06, 2014 09:58:45.
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CMED celebrates 1st annual White Coat Ceremony

46 first-year General Medicine students, among which are 17 Qatari nationals, took the College of Medicine Students’ Oath and donned the symbolic white coat at CMED 1st Annual White Coat Ceremony which was held on October 22 at Al Areen Hall, Marriott Marquise Hotel.


The event aimed to celebrate the first-year General Medicine students who successfully completed their transition year and entered the Medicine program. It is designed to acknowledge their commitment to the profession and reassert values of compassion, professionalism, and dedication to patient care as they enter the profession.


The ceremony drew over 150 attendees including Former Qatar Minister of Public Health and Cardiologist Dr Hajar Ahmed Hajar al-Binali, QU VP for Medical Education and CMED Dean Dr Egon Toft, CMED Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Deputy Chief of Staff for Graduate Medical Education at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) Acting CEO and Accreditation Department Manager Dr Samar Aboulsoud, as well as CMED students and their families, faculty, and staff.


Dr Egon Toft welcomed the audience and congratulated the students and their families, saying: “The White Coat Ceremony is a milestone at which the medical community welcomes students as future doctors. But the journey that led them to this day did not start when they were accepted into the medical school a year ago. It started when they were children, and continued for years throughout which their families prepared, educated, nurtured, and supported them to fulfill their ambitions to get into the medical school.”


Addressing the students, he said: “Students, after a demanding first transitional year, you have earned the place in the medical community. In five more years, your place in that community will be elevated. But the medical journey is long and marked by one milestone after another: acceptance into the College, followed by acceptance into the General Medicine program which we celebrate today, followed by graduation, then becoming licensed practitioners, then residents, then specialists… Sometimes it looks like it almost never ends. That’s the beauty of a medical career; one challenge after another; one achievement after another. Imagine a journey where you reach the peak in your twenties. Then what?!… I am proud of every one of you for choosing this exciting vocation and for making it through the transitional year. I am also very proud of CMED dedicated team of professionals and faculty members who have supported you passionately and committed on this journey. And I am grateful to you parents for your support.”


Dr Hajar Ahmed Hajar al-Binali gave a short speech as encouragement for medical students, congratulating them on their choice of medicine as a profession of the future. He enumerated the virtues of the medical profession and its humanitarian role in relieving the pain of patients, maintaining their health and helping them to enjoy life. He touched on the history of medicine and how it evolved from the days of the Arab Abbasid period when the doctor was familiar with most of his time sciences and knowledge such as philosophy, astronomy, pharmacology, poetry and music.


Medicine then split into specialty surgical and mystical then fork specialization and complexity in the sub-specialties in this day and age, he said. He then presented to the students his personal advices he gained from his experience when he was a student at the medical school of the University of Colorado in USA.


Then ended his speech saying: “Now, having reached an advanced age, if I went back to boyhood and returned to your age, and had to choose between different professions, I will choose this honorable profession, the medical profession again.”


Student Shahrier  Rafiq told the audience of his pride to be part of CMED, adding: “In this era of innovation, CMED offers a brand-new curriculum that creates physicians with utmost efficiency by providing a crucial guidance and training.”


Student Reem Mubarak said: “Wearing the white coat is a privilege, but it also comes with responsibilities and expectations. By putting it on today, we pledge to carry these responsibilities and to represent the white coat, the medical profession and our medical college.” 


Student Mohammad Abdullah Balideh said: “Today marks the beginning of my medical journey, and the feeling of a strong sense of responsibility and contribution to patients’ recovery, happiness and satisfaction. I have waited for this important moment to happen since a long time.”