Academic Support
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Last modified: February 21, 2016 10:05:44.

The College of Medicine (CMED) has established an Academic Support Taskforce (AST) that provides personalized tutoring (educational support) regarding CMED-run courses for interested students.


AST is comprised of a team of internationally trained, senior medical students or graduates as teaching assistants (TAs). They work closely with the head of team (Dr. Nadia Al-Banna), and other faculty members within the CMED.


AST helps interested students address learning challenges, advance their knowledge and study skills, and guide their development as independent learners. Many students have benefited from this initiative, and expressed the benefits in terms of: availability and preparedness of TAs, improving depth of their understanding, improving their study methods, and improving confidence in their learning skills and academic performance.


Interested students should set an appointment with AST office (see below). First session aims to identify learning needs, plan of action, and the expectations of the student and TA. The students enroll in a number of sessions, scheduled as 1 h as needed (e.g. once or twice a week).

Then what? In order to maintain high quality and standards of AST sessions,

  • Students come prepared to the sessions with evidence of their existing knowledge base and their challenges. Accordingly, TAs use a variety of teaching methodologies as appropriate for students’ learning requirements. The progress, motivation and commitment of the students in the AST sessions are monitored
  • Students are encouraged to give feedback on the AST sessions.
  • Lack of commitment or motivation will be identified and reported to appropriate entities within CMED.
  • Students interested in other support services will be guided to appropriate entities within QU, e.g. SLSC, Writing Center, Academic Advising Center, Student Counseling Center, and/or CMED-related (Medical English) workshops.


  • Online appointment scheduling system on the CMED website (coming soon!)
  • Inquiries to AST
  • Location: CMED (Building H12), Office 133 (TAs of AST), and/or Office 140 (Head of AST team, Dr. Nadia Al-Banna).