Frequently Asked Question Related to Admission
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Last modified: August 27, 2015 11:15:05.

What are the required documents?

In addition to documents required for the QU application, the college requires the below listed documents to be submitted through the College of Medicine Online Admission Form. They should be prepared to the best of the student's ability as they strengthen the application and influence the student's chances admission into the College.

  • Motivation Letter of around 350 words clarifying the reasons behind you interest in studying medicine.
  • Volunteer work certificates
  • Copy of your assessment tests in the first semester of level 12 high school (for students applying directly from high school)
  • One personal photo

Do I have to deliver the required documents for the college by hand?

No, you should attach them to the College of Medicine Online Admission Form.

For the volunteer work, do you need the originals?

No, copies are fine.

How many volunteer hours are required?

There is no specific requirement for volunteer hours but you should keep in mind that you are competing with others.

I have recommendation letters from my school/ teachers, can I submit them?

They are not required but if you feel that they strengthen your application feel free to attach them to the College of Medicine Online Admission Form.

Can you tell me about tuition fees?

All required information in the following link:

I had my high school diploma last year, am I eligible to apply this year?

Yes you can apply.

Can you tell me more about the motivation letter?

It is a paragraph around 350 words in English and is part of the College of Medicine Online Admission Form. The letter will describe the reasons why medicine is your major of choice. It should be focused, well structured, well written and must demonstrated correct use of grammar and spelling.

If I received an invitation to the interview, do I have to attend or this optional ?

If you receive an invitation for the interview you should attend since the interview will impact the success of your application. If you are not a Qatari Resident or have compelling reasons not to be able to attend in person, a Skype interview may be arranged.

If I miss the interview can I reschedule it?

Yes, but that depends on the availability of interview slots.

Can I bring any documents with me when I come for the interview?

No need for that unless there are documents that you feel would strengthen your application but which you have not been able to submit in your College of Medicine Online Application Form.

What is the interview language?

It is in English as the language of instruction at the college is English.

What are the required scores for English and Math?

Requirements can be found in the following link :
Remember that you are competing with other students so try to do your best.

I am a student from an international school, what is my admission requirements in regard of high school grades?

You can find all required information in the below link:

I am a non- national student can I apply for Early Conditional Admission?

No, at this time Early Conditional Admission is available for Qatari applicants only. It is also available for students who are following the Qatari parent rule.

When can I apply for the early conditional admission?

Early Conditional Admission is offered for a limited time (usually about two weeks) and for applicants joining in the Fall semester only. To ensure you don't miss the deadline, check the Early Condition Admission timeline on this website

How many rounds for the early conditional admission?

Early conditional admission is offered only once a year.

I am a Qatari student from an international school and I want to apply for Early Conditional Admission, can I send my grades through email to admission department?

No, you should submit the original copy ( soft copies are not accepted).

What is your requirements to apply for Early Conditional Admission?

I am a QU student, can I apply to transfer to College of Medicine?

Yes you can but bear in mind that transfer seats are limited and competitions is very high. The basic requirements to apply for transfer are available on this page.

I am a foundation student, can I apply to transfer to College of Medicine ?

No. Foundation students are not eligible to apply for transfer to the College of Medicine.

I am a QU student and would like to apply to the College of Medicine, do you need also the motivation letter and the volunteer work certificates?

Yes, transfer students must also fully complete the College of Medicine Online Admission Form including the motivation letter and volunteer certificates.

As a transfer student, I have completed a number of courses that are not part of the College of Medicine study plan, are these courses subject to equivalency?

No, you will not be able to transfer credit hours completed for courses that are not related to the College of Medicine's study plan.

Is the College of Medicine internationally accredited ?

The College of Medicine is a recognized institution of higher medical education and adheres to the best international standards and practices. Usually accreditation by independent international agencies is available for Colleges that have already graduated at least one cohort of students. The College will pursue such accreditation as soon as it fulfills this criterion.