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Last modified: August 30, 2015 09:23:02.

Early Conditional Admission Orientation

All students who receive Early Conditional Admission (ECA) must attend the Qatar University ECA Orientation. This one day event will ensure that crucial information is communicated to students including how to receive an ID and Password for their Qatar University account,  how to register for the first semester, what their study plan is and more. The students will also get a chance to meet  with the dean and administrators of their college as well as their academic advisors. Moreover, they will receive important information about QU policies, student services and useful tools and facilities.
Note: Early Conditional Admission Orientation takes place at the end of the Spring semester just before high school final exams. The exact date will be announced to admitted students when they receive their acceptance letters.

New Student orientation

All accepted students who did not attend the ECA Orientation must attend this event, which consists of two parts extending over two days: College Day during which the student can meet with the college team and their fellow students, and Institution Day in which the students receive important information about QU policies and procedures. On the second day students will also receive their QU ID and password and meet their academic advisors who will introduce them to advising services, how to use the online registration system and other important topics.

  • This event takes place at the beginning of the Fall semester 
  • The student must attend the orientation event to keep his/ her registration


CMED Orientation Week (Boot Camp)

Before classes begin, students are also expected to participate in a session of College-level meetings and activities that orient them to the specific aspects of studying medicine at QU. During this week they will receive their iPads and lab coats, and visit some of the hospitals and medical centers that they will be practicing at in the last three years of their studentship.  They are introduced to the profession of medicine and medical studentship up close and to the educational methods and approaches used at the College of Medicine. They are also introduced the exciting opportunities that student life presents to them at CMED inside and outside the classroom.