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Cancer Biology and Metastasis
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Last modified: February 08, 2016 13:44:01.

This group aims to explore the cooperation effect of the two most frequent onco-viruses in human carcinogenesis and metastasis using human cell line and animal models which were recently established in our previous laboratory. Meanwhile, we are planning to identify gene and microRNA signatures of triple negative and non-triple negative human breast cancer in the population of the Gulf countries using microarray technology, as demonstrated in our earlier works.

On the other hand, and based on our background, we are planning to develop a new “in vivo” model to identify gene signatures of metastatic cancer related to a specific organ using chicken embryo model; this model will be also used to explore toxicity effect of the new nanoparticles and advices on normal development."

PI: Professor Ala-Eddin Al Moustafa