Sunday 14/02/2010
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QU awarded QR 1,750,000 from ExxonMobil
Grant and research funding for coastal and marine biology
The agreement between QU and ExxonMobil is an ideal model of collaboration between academia and industry to protect the local environment

QU’s Environmental Studies Center (ESC) was recently awarded QR 750,000 unrestricted research grant and QR 1,000,000 from ExxonMobil to fund research on the coastal and marine ecology of northern Qatar. This funding follows last year’s signing of an MOU that cemented the partnership between Qatar University and ExxonMobil Research Qatar (EMRQ).

Announcing the grant, Research Director at ExxonMobil Research Qatar Dr James R Rigby, stated: "We are pleased to recognize the accomplishments of the talented researchers at Qatar University's Environmental Studies Center by presenting the Center with a grant for QR 750,000 in support of their environmental science research. We have a robust partnership which continues to grow stronger. We are excited about our collaborations with QU and our joint commitment to the Human and Environmental Development Pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030”.

ESC Director Dr. Mohsin Al-Ansi, said: "On behalf of Qatar University, I would like to express my gratitude for the generous research grant provided by ExxonMobil to the Center. The grant will be used to build a laboratory and conduct a study on endangered medicinal plants found naturally in Qatar”.

QU Vice-President for Research Dr Hassan Al-Derham said: “The partnership that has been established between Qatar University and Exxon Mobil Qatar is unique and an ideal model of collaboration between academia and industry to protect the local environment”.

ExxonMobil's Environmental Science Research Lead at EMRQ Dr. Adeyinka Adenekan commented: “ExxonMobil and the Environmental Studies Center have established a strong research presence in Qatar. Together we will conduct research that will benefit Qatar and its people for years to come”.

The QR 1,000,000 research funding will be used to develop a baseline survey of an ecologically rich and biologically productive area along the northern Qatari coastline that has not been significantly impacted by human activities. The baseline survey is a necessary prerequisite for long term monitoring of the ecosystem. Data from this study, coupled with data obtained in follow-up monitoring surveys can be used to formulate scientifically sound, risk-based mitigation measures to protect the environment.


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